Monday, January 2, 2012

Zentradi Heavy Missile Carrier Pod by Toynami/Harmony Gold

The Robotech cartoon was among most people's first exposure to what would become known anime. Large mechas piloted by humans and humanoids in a series that spanned cartoons, feature length animated movies, video games and graphic novels if I'm not mistaken. The toys were always really interesting, it had all the charm of star wars but they weren't afraid to use colors outside the gray scale to decorate ships. I mean it was like a Skittles bag full of colors used on mechas and ships; bright blues and lime greens to royal purple and maroon made it very stimulating to my young mind.

Out of all the toys I owned as a kid, Robotech was a series I never got into. I enjoyed the show but my money went towards Star Wars, He-Man, ThunderCats and Ninja Turtles toys. I was envious of my friends with the toys, the figures were 3 ¾ inch scale and fit in perfect with GI JOE (including the articulation and O ring construction) and Star Wars but a little bigger than M.A.S.K. The mechas and ships were smooth to the touch, almost polished and shiny like a space age craft should be. Recently while making a very important purchase on I noticed the Zentradi Heavy Missile Carrier Pod was on sale for a very affordable $6 down from $40. I put that sucker in my cart and patiently awaited the shipment.

These are a little different than the Robotech toys I grew up around. First of all, the pod doesn't open. The vehicle is little more than an action figure and barely that. The package boasts 11 points of articulation but if you try to move more than the legs (at the hips) and cylindrical cannons at the top of it's head, the figure falls to pieces. I've since super glued the broken heavy missile pod and legs at the knees. It is made out of a sturdy vinyl with a matte finish which does take away from the shiny plastic ships I grew up with. All things said I'm still satisfied with my purchase, it may not be everything I was hoping for but it's still a fairly cool addition to my collection of mechas.

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