Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miscellaneous green PVC robot by unknown maker

We all have those strange items in our collection that we can't find any sort of origin on. I've spent years doing research for my collection and this is one of a handful of pieces that I cannot find out a damn thing about. All I know is I got it at a yard sale roughly 20 years ago for something like a dime. The robot has no visible markings, made of a rigid green PVC with a clear but solid dome, chromed chest piece and computer brain. For what looks like a gumball machine toy, it has a rather involved paint scheme. With painted shoulder stripes, feet, “utility belt” and tanks on it's back it's a little better quality than what's usually found in a quarter toy machine today. It has no points of articulation, feet are molded to a flat plank like a little green army man and tons of detail shoved into a 2 ½ inch toy.

I've posted pictures of it on several message boards and forums only to find out no one else has any real knowledge on the toy other than it's really cool and they'd like to buy it. Without any markings I can only assume by the “hulked out” Robbie the Robot style it dates from the late 60's to early 70's. I would love to know more about this piece; like who made it, where did it come from and is there any more figurines in the line.

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