Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silver “War” robot from Park Plastics

Recently received in a box of Alien and Predator figures from Kenner was this 5 inch robot from Park Plastics. The style is really reminiscent of Flash Gordon and other 1920's-1930's sci-fi movie serials, very art-deco/empire styled sculpting on this automaton that looks like it's ready for war. The figure is very simple in the articulation department; left shoulder cannon swivels 360 degrees (note the missile that goes in mine is missing and I cannot find a picture of what it looked like to replace it)and right arm only bends at the elbow. The rest of the figure is hollow with a single wheel in each foot allowing it to be rolled forward and backward with ease.

The figure, as you can see, is molded in silver and black plastic with black and red paint applications. When researching the origins of this figure I only found another one just like mine (even missing the missile) on After several attempts to reach the owner of the picture, I was left with another dead end and about 3 unanswered emails. Other attempts to research Park Plastics were only met with confusing results. All three reliable results showed Park Plastics being a commercial plastic manufacturer without any history of toy making or production. Any further information that readers of this blog could render would be appreciated.


  1. This is Zoark from the Park's Aliens line. There were three robots- Zoark, Zoder, and Zork. You can see a slight resemblance to the japanese Diapolon line if you look closely. A few ads for these toys ran in Eerie and Creepy magazines next to ads for Monogram Shogun Warriors models back in the seventies and eighties.

    1. That's fantastic. I've always kept this little misfit prominently displayed on my shelves since I bought him,