Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brian Pulido's Lady Demon from Chaos! Comics by Moore Action Collectibles

The short lived Lady Death action figure series was the first venture by Moore Action Collectibles back in the late 1990's. A four figure series consisting of Lady Death, Lady Demon, Evil Ernie and Purgatory was released through comic book distributors worldwide, but that wasn't including all the paint variations released over the next 2 years. I mean, who doesn't love large breasted, scantly clad female embodiments of pure evil? Why not own one that glows in the dark? I'm sure it's guaranteed to keep your virginity mint in package as long as you own it.

I feel fortunate that my mother wasn't only cool with me buying the figures, but actually bought the whole set for me Christmas of 1998. All 4 figures, the 12 inch Lady Death figure and a glow in the dark Evil Ernie variant awaited me in a box along with assorted CD's and t-shirts. Sure, they are silly and ill proportioned mini statues (due to the serious lack of articulation by today's standards), but they represent a bound towards a more adult oriented toy collecting world.

With the success of more grown up comic book characters like Spawn, Wetworks and Lady Death; a need for a toy market was created. Granted, toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel would never touch properties like these and would never imagine that they'd one day have to share toy store shelf space with them. Independent toy companies sprung up like Moore Action Collectibles and McFarlane Toys that not only catered to a more adult market, but were created by the artists themselves who created content. These companies flourished and acquired more licenses, even some licenses that you wouldn't come close to associating with the original format of those companies ( ie- Mcfarlane Sports Picks).

I picked up this beauty at the Yancy Street Comic Con December 18th 2011 in a 3 for $10 box. Mostly I got it for fluff because the main figure that drew me in was $5 alone. But, I've grown attached to it, you just don't see this level of detail much anymore. Clayburn Moore had been known for years sculpting statues. His name is just as well known in the sculpting world as Bowen. Considering these figures retailed around $12-$15 about eleven years ago, $3.33 1/3 is a heck of a decent price. Even if I get tired of it and sell it I'm sure someone would buy it off me for around the same price


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