Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raging Nerdgasm moment- OMFG series 3 submissions

A couple of months ago, we here at Raging Nerdgasm entered October Toys OMFG (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) series 3 submission and voting is coming to an end. With just a couple of days left, your friends here at Raging Nerdgasm would like to implore that if you haven’t done so already to vote for your favorite series 3 submission (and hopefully it’s one of our submissions). This time around we got organized and submitted three options for this round of the very successful minifigure line created by the fine folks at the forums of and founder George Gaspar (and his wife Ayleen of the weekly show “Toy Break”). Normally they urge you not to submit more than 1 entry but here at Raging Nerdgasm we totally believe in going all in on a pair of 2’s and playing like you have all four aces’. If you will, please take a look at our submissions and vote for your favorite soon. Voting ends September 29th, 2012 (less than 2 days).

#16- Roadkill

Roadkill was slightly inspired by the no holds barred style of M.U.S.C.L.E minifigures from the 80’s. We always loved how the series had just about anything your mind could imagine as a wrestler; man/buffalo hybrid on steriods or a 7 foot tall clawed hand with a face on the middle finger and everything and anything inbetween. But yet as much as we loved the series, only a few of them were any more functional as any other rubber figure. There was the guy that could be used as a top but that was just about it. With Roadkill, we wanted a OMFG minifigure with the ability to be cool looking and functional in it’s own way. Roadkill went through several different stages of evolution till we came to a crowd favorite of a free-wheeling version with spiked shoulder cuffs and muscular arms. We thought that a OMFG character that could victimize other characters by rolling over them would make for a hilarious design and add to the overall play value of the whole line. Like I said before, they urge you to only submit one design because some people may only vote once for an artist since you are only allowed 5 votes per ballot. I felt that both Bullseye and Roadkill could definitely hold their own and so far I haven’t been wrong. What a thrill it would be to get two submissions into series 3.

#17- Bullseye

Bullseye was one of first doodles that gained our Raging Nerdgasm forum and the October Toys forum’s seal of general approval. Taking what  elements we love of Garbage Pail Kids, Monster in my Pocket and other equally fun figurine lines; Bullseye is a mutant eyeball with hooves, horns and a tail. Luckily through both amazing coincidence and absolute luck, we teamed with board member EMBoyd who in the end helped us bring tangible life to our 2D drawing and hopefully give it the necessary edge to make Bullseye a part of OMFG series 3.

#18- Bottom Feeder

One thing we’ve noticed over the two previous series, nautical themed characters seem to fare well in the voting stage. For those with a fetish for fish and other things that swim in the briney deep we designed Bottom Feeder, deep sea desinen feeding off of the greed of the surface dwellers with his retractable pearl attached to his tongue. In the end, after several drafts, we went with a full clam/oyster body covered in barnacles with lobster pinscher arms and stubby legs. Bottom Feeder may be recycled for series 4 submissions but only the next few day can tell what may happen.

One of our main objectives here at Raging Nerdgasm is to leave a mark on the toy industry, to eventually become a leading source for toys, games and pop culture nonsense that you’ve grown to love and maybe even get into the independant toy game. Getting into OMFG series 3 would be a dream come true for us and a stepping stone in the right direction for us. Not that not getting one of our submissions made into a minifigure would hinder us any, we would  just have to explore another venture to get the Raging Nerdgasm name out there. Like we said before, if you haven’t yet, please vote for your favorite OMFG series 3 submissions. You get to vote for your 5 favorite submissions once and details of the winners should be released sometime in the following weeks. Voting ends September 29th and if you like what you’ve seen, please vote for our 3 designs when you cast your vote for your five favorite choices.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The new Robocop design- A Raging Nerdgasm moment

(OMNICORP, a brand you can trust)

I, for one, welcome the new Robocop design. Nothing is ever going to compare to the original suit in our collective nostalgic memory. It was “futuristic” for it’s time, but in today’s preconceived vision of the future of body armor and robotics this new design fits in nicely. To be honest, if fanboys saw the steel blue clunky Robocop being thrust into a reboot, they yell even louder. It’s a reboot. The design looks great; it’s slick, it’s streamlined and it looks functional as an urban assault law enforcement cyborg. The only question I have is about the bare right hand (like is that part of the new design or is it going to be worked with in post-production) and does he have the gun concealed in his thigh? I’m still digging the new design even with my two questions floating out there in uncertainty land.

Many have compared it to the new Batman suit, the hyper suit from GI Joe, Iron Man and other comic book/pop culture movie costumes. That’s the point, that’s exactly what Hollywood is shooting for with this remake and it works in the scheme of current movie designs. It looks like it could seamlessly be integrated into any number of crossover media or even be snuck into the background shots of another movie as a visual Easter egg. The new design also shows that the new Robocop could potentially be more agile than his predecessor, which had the maneuverability of a Galapagos tortoise (I’m just sayin’ and you know it’s true.)

(the two pictures above are care of )

While it may not be the design you fell in love with 30 years ago, just give it some time to develop and wait till the story comes to fruition before you get on the hate bandwagon. Remember;  yellow spandex X-Men, baby blue Captain America and grey tights Batman costumes would have looked ridiculous on film and possibly even been laughed off screen by the most dedicated fans.

(Even Peter Weller is getting in the spirit)

(That and surely we won't see this happen again)

(Or this.....)