Saturday, January 28, 2012

What the SITH!?! Giant inflatable Darth Vader

(A QUICK SIDE NOTE- My life has been full of pursuits and there are very few haven't been met. I have a wonderful wife, great job, great friends and family that are there for me and a collection of some of the coolest toys I've ever seen. I really have to give it to my wife for being so understanding and supportive of my hobby, she's been an eyewitness to the money that exchanges hands for toys and collectibles at shows and private transactions such as this one. It's a vicious friggin' circle, a never ending story of pursuits and the following is one of those pursuits.)
(Duck Vader)

(for your Sith Sleepovers)

(the Dark Side really does have cookies)

(I challenge you to a race around the world in 80 days, this is my f'n ride.)

(it may be the Dark Side of the Force, but sometimes Vader needs a nightlight)

(Darth Vader known for crushing throats and cracking nuts?)

(what time is it? Time to switch to the Dark Side)

(Darth Vader USB hub. It would be awesome if it said "most impressive" after you download porn)

(Sith Slippers)

(Darth Vader like his coffee like his helmet, black and smooth)

(The day I saw this I wept uncontrollably for hours.)

(3 story tall Darth Vader doesn't have time to put up with your crap)

(this is a Darth Vader sculpted out of butter, your point is irrelevant)
Over the years, there have been many representations of Darth Vader available for fans to add to their collections. They range from the really cool to the incredibly lame and everywhere in between. Some of them are readily available for fans and some not so much. It seems the more epic a piece is, the harder it gets to obtain one. But, such is the life of a collector. Usually the harder to obtain pieces require a commodity we all have very little of (money or something of significant value to trade) and talent (to find someone who has it that is willing to let it go or name a price that makes the previous owner want money over bragging rights).

Back in 2005 Burger King had these really awesome inflatable Darth Vaders that sat on the roof of the restaurant, just above the sign. When you look up at this kind of thing, the first thing you think of "Jesus, that's really big.". I walked in and immediately started trying to find out what price would make the manager take down this behemoth and let me take it home before it got damaged. You know that any of these that were used stood the chance of getting stolen, damaged by the elements or vandalized/destroyed so I figured I needed to work quickly to get this in my possession. My offers were turned down without a batted eyelash, I had failed and decided it was best to move on. My desires moved elsewhere but I always remembered how flippin' awesome this was and wondered what it would be like to own it. Little did I know, a little less than 7 years later I'd have one of my own.

After some website browsing and negotiating with the owner I became the new owner of a still sealed inflatable Darth Vader. And what did I do with this awesome purchase, put it in the corner of my living room. Just sitting there, in the original box and bag for weeks. Why? I needed someone to help me inflate this beast! It's over 9 foot tall and about 6-7 foot wide and 2 foot deep with an almost 7 foot long light saber. That and someone needs to help me take pictures of this, because I could just say I own it but I needed proof to combat the trolls.

I give you, WHAT THE SITH!?!


  1. Somewhere in my home, and seriously I mean somewhere. I have a giant inflatable Darth Maul that also doubles as a chair. When I first moved in to this house, that was the only chair in my living room.

    1. That is wicked awesome. I had the Episode I pool floats for a very long time. I remember the Darth Maul chairs from when I worked at KB Toys, they were great but I never bought them.