Monday, January 9, 2012

Edward Scissorhands – The Professor roto-cast figure by Mezco

Edward Scissorhands was a great movie from creative genius Tim Burton. To make a long story short, it's a slight twist on the Frankenstein story. This time the creator is a kind and quirky old man played by the great Vincent Price who creates himself a “son”. Unfortunately, the Professor (who isn't actually named in the film) dies before he can complete his creation with “real” hands. The boy grows up and is befriended by a family, given a job, falls in love, becomes famous......then falls from everyone's good graces over lies told about him, gets chased out of town, almost killed and then gets redeemed. Danny Elfman's score along with the great visuals from Tim Burton and gothic good looks of Johnny Depp really make this film really stick in your mind for years to come.

Back in 2006, Mezco stepped up their marketing agreement for Edward Scissorhands to include toys. Most of their marketing for the license included lunchboxes, drink tumblers, t-shirts and other accessories. Mezco is a very unique company because they constantly use roto-cast vinyl as their medium of choice. It gives the character they are working with just the right parts of realism and cartoon chariture which makes for what I think is a really showy piece. After this release Mezco branched out to making other assorted sizes of the character in question.

Last time we saw an Edward Scissorhands figure was from both McFarlane Toys (6 and 18 inch Movie Maniacs), Real Action Heroes 12 inch doll and Japanese company Yellow Submarine. Prior to 1999, the only time I can recall Edward Scissorhands getting any love was a really awesome 1/6 scale vinyl kit with real hair. Mezco made their figure series 9 inches tall; three versions of Edward (regular, a dressed up version exclusive to Hot Topic and an ice sculpture version limited to 1,000 pieces) and a SDCC exclusive Professor figure capturing the eerie likeness of Vincent Price's ugly mug. I was fortunate enough to grab the Professor at the Yancy Street Comic Con December 18th for $20.

Every figure came in a very showy domed blister bubble with a really nice recreation of the iconic poster with castle and profile picture of Johnny Depp as the title character done in blue scale. While the packaging was exquisite, if you want to open the toy you must destroy the package. Out of the package you have a nice figure, it's roto-cast vinyl so there's not too much articulation (swivel above the elbows and neck) but the sculpting makes up for it. It's honestly meant to stay in the package. The Professor came with the gift box and human hands from the dream sequence. Across the board the accessories were sparse with this line, the Edward figure only came with the family dog. Even the ice sculpture Edward came with a clear blue dog and the dressed up Edward came without any accessories at all.

Overall, it's a nice addition to the collection but I'm going to keep this one in the package.

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