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Your weekly Nerdgasm 03/25/13

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Your weekly Nerdgasm!

Capcom gave me reason to love modern games again

                                              (oh yeah, this is the good stuff right here.) 

I got two words for you; Ducktales, woohoo! Seriously, Capcom this week broke the news that they were making a revamp of their ever so popular NES Ducktales video game. Not only did they have the news, but the trailer was ready, showcasing the game play and graphics. Backgrounds are 3D rendered with all game sprites maintaining a very cool "hand drawn" effect. Capcom says the game will be very similar to it's predecessor, with a main room complete with stage select options and new playable levels such as the McDuck Money Bin. 

                                    (I'd play this level for hours just because I loved the music)

The trailer showed the Money Bin level as well as the Amazon and Transylvania, but didn't show fan favorite levels the Himalayas or the ever popular outer space level. The outer space level was everyone's favorite level and the music from that level is in just about everyone's top 5 NES game soundtracks, outside of Metroid, Legend of Zelda or SMB. What's the deal Capcom, don't play with our hearts like this. Anyways, the fanboys and fangirls squealed with anticipation after watching the trailer, even getting to learn many developers and coders for current games hold Ducktales in highest regards (the original game ran on the MegaMan engine for crying out loud and your cane was both pogo stick and golf club!). The game will be available on PSN, XBOXLIVE and WII-U networks for download, costing $15. Which is a real deal considering any of us who owned an original one most likely paid $50 or so back in the 90's. But please Capcom, don't forget your loving fans on STEAM (such as myself).

I guess Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles is still a go

(credit to for the picture)

Much to everyone's dismay, TANT (which is dangerously close to TAINT) is still in pre-production with Michael Bay gunning to ruin everything from your childhood with confirmed Megan Fox as April O'Neil .I wonder if him and the Dwayne Johnson have a running bet to see how many awesome properties they can trash? I wonder if April will be a stripper instead of a news woman? I wonder if the fanbase will allow this movie to happen?

(the face of evil!)

Anyways, the first actor to join the cast as one of the four turtles/aliens/brothers is Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville), allegedly taking the role of Raphael. That....that's actually OK with me. But when you say actor they mean voice actor, right? WRONG! The turtles/aliens/brothers not be animatronic suits but motion capture ala' Avatar styling. This.....this I'm cool with too because the actors will have to emote and actually act instead to trying to match up voice tone and infliction to puppeteers in suits. So TANT brings me through emotional ups and downs and not even one second of film has been shot. I'm holding out till I see who the villains are going to be since they are keeping really hush about it.

                                                     (was this ever confirmed legit or not?)

Boldly mess my pants

Between trailers for Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and pictures from Pacific Rim, I can't contain the awesome. Seriously, it's going to be a great summer season at the movies. Not to cheap out on you in the third article, I just feel all three of these developing stories deserve their own blog entry this week so I'll leave you with the following.

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