Friday, July 13, 2012

Matty Collector SDCC 2012 panel

Announcements from Mattel brought a rollercoaster of emotions from the crowd. Excitement over prospects of Ram Man, Mosquitor, Castle Greyskull Gollum, DCIE subs for 2013 and the latest Club Black Frieghter for all of your Watchmen needs. Then came the sticker shock of $25 a throw for Watchmen figures and Masters of the Universe chilled the reception of all this great news. I, for one, was thrilled to find out I can complete the GB2 Scolari brothers ghosts by the end of the year. Granted, no mention of the highly anticipated Back to the Future line but these things are expected when you read the internet rumor mill. Am I excited for 2013, yes I am. My general outlook on subscriptions is I'll go for DCIE and the Watchmen (even though I'm still sore hearing about the $25 price tag.) and cherry pick my way through MOTUC for 2013. Ram Man is a must have and well worth the $30 price tag. I wish they'd show the packaging for the Watchmen figures, the packaging they used for this year's DCIE figures made them well worth the $18 price tag and maybe that's the case with the Watchmen but only time will tell. At least there's only 6 of them. Metron looks amazing and I haven't been disappointed with any of their offerings yet. Not too thrilled to see Wally West making his way into the line. Kind of the reason we all bought into the concept was for non headliners and fan favorites.

(totally random, but this figure was made by custom figure artist BOSKOES years ago and shares the same premise of the winner's concept of the Greyskull Stone Gollum.)

Club exclusives for the rest of the year bringing us the Ecto Goggles with a sweet animation of Slimer that will sync with your PKE meter (which is available here), the final dozen or so JLU figures (been waiting a lifetime it seems for Dr Midnight!) and the last 2 6 inch Young Justice ( $50 is steep but the crowd reception seemed optimistic and eager to buy them).

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