Thursday, July 12, 2012

RAGING NERDGASM NO QUARTER ARCADE - Lee-Lee's Quest and Lee-Lee's Quest 2 from Adult Swim games


Lee-Lee's quest is a jump back to the classic side scrolling 2D platformer us 20 to 30 something year old folks grew up on. You play as the title character Lee-Lee; a blue, ball shaped and surprisingly male voiced "adventurer" with what looks like a hood ornament stuck to your forehead. Your goal, journey through several stages full of foul-mouthed, insult slinging geometrical people (cylinders, upside down pyramids, cubes and other shapes) and other pitfalls to save your girlfriend Luu-Luu (a baritone voiced "female") ! All while listening to repetitive music, trading insults with a surly folk of shape world, picking up what amounts to "power ups" and watching very similar backdrops.

In the end; your girlfriend isn't your girlfriend and not even a girl in the first place (and I'm fairly sure she's/ he's not even your friend and the protagonist may actually be a sociopath), you senselessly murder every living thing in your path and collect, of all things, shovels along the way. It's a great, nonsensical game that entertains the player with hilarious banter and the constant belly-aching of the main character during his misguided quest. Achievements are unlocked along the way and unless you look at an online guide, you don't know what they are unless you aimlessly achieve them in the first place. The game designer delights the player with all the crazy side scrolling 2D platformer quirks you loved and questioned as a kid.

Part Two picks up where the last one left off. Actually, it pretty much starts the same way the first one did except Luu-Luu is pregnant (confusing drama bomb) with the boss character's child! And now, you are off again, chasing after the he/she you love though some fun and colorful levels that take the same formula as the previous game and multiply the awesome factor. You get all the same fun character banter along with a couple of random appearances of the game's creator, Marcus Richert, that get cut short by the main character's sense of being upstaged. More "power ups" show up this time and if you neglect to pick them up repeatedly, they will chase you down and force you to use them. Also, some throwbacks to classic gaming show up in game play so look out for them.

Main point I want to make about these games is while they may seem incredibly easy to beat, take your time. The most entertaining thing about both games is the banter between characters. Also, all the characters from both games are voiced by Joshua Tomar.

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