Saturday, September 15, 2012

The new Robocop design- A Raging Nerdgasm moment

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I, for one, welcome the new Robocop design. Nothing is ever going to compare to the original suit in our collective nostalgic memory. It was “futuristic” for it’s time, but in today’s preconceived vision of the future of body armor and robotics this new design fits in nicely. To be honest, if fanboys saw the steel blue clunky Robocop being thrust into a reboot, they yell even louder. It’s a reboot. The design looks great; it’s slick, it’s streamlined and it looks functional as an urban assault law enforcement cyborg. The only question I have is about the bare right hand (like is that part of the new design or is it going to be worked with in post-production) and does he have the gun concealed in his thigh? I’m still digging the new design even with my two questions floating out there in uncertainty land.

Many have compared it to the new Batman suit, the hyper suit from GI Joe, Iron Man and other comic book/pop culture movie costumes. That’s the point, that’s exactly what Hollywood is shooting for with this remake and it works in the scheme of current movie designs. It looks like it could seamlessly be integrated into any number of crossover media or even be snuck into the background shots of another movie as a visual Easter egg. The new design also shows that the new Robocop could potentially be more agile than his predecessor, which had the maneuverability of a Galapagos tortoise (I’m just sayin’ and you know it’s true.)

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While it may not be the design you fell in love with 30 years ago, just give it some time to develop and wait till the story comes to fruition before you get on the hate bandwagon. Remember;  yellow spandex X-Men, baby blue Captain America and grey tights Batman costumes would have looked ridiculous on film and possibly even been laughed off screen by the most dedicated fans.

(Even Peter Weller is getting in the spirit)

(That and surely we won't see this happen again)

(Or this.....)


  1. I kind of like the suit. I do wish there was a bit more metallic coloring. Right now he feels like he's a soldier in an urban combat suit and not a cyborg. I am interested to see what they will do with the hand.

  2. Agreed. If there was a hint of metallic sheen to the outfit instead of the flat black, I think the new design may have been more widely accepted.

  3. This looks like RoboCop on Weight Watchers, but I'm a fan and all this new RoboCop hype made me pull out my old DataEast RoboCop game, and my Sega RoboCop Vs. Terminator and for some reason I have been playing E-Swat as of late..