Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hare Krishna Zombie by NECA Toys

Recently, I went a little crazy. While on vacation in Orlando, FL I walked into an independently run toy store with an abundance of NECA figures I hadn't picked up and regretted it. Face it, toys sometimes become a luxury when figuring out the monthly bills. Bi-annual insurance payments suck up my toy related spending cash for a month among other related living expenses. Well, without further fiscal bellyaching, let's get on with the blog.

One of the many NECA figures I picked up was the zombie Hare Krishna from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Zombie movies were a big part of my early years, I was an adolescent raised on late night cable TV and monster movie marathons. George A. Romero's films were among my favorite, the action was fun and you got to a point in the movie where you actually started cheering on the zombies and hoped that no one survived the movie. One of those awesome scenes was from Dawn of the Dead where one of the human's in the cast almost became a snack for this particular zombie, in the mall stockroom. I actually remember booing when the Hare Krishna zombie missed Francine.

The NECA Hare Krishna figure didn't disappoint in the least. The paint applications are what you've come to expect of NECA's products, very clean and true to the movie character's designs. The orange robe is made out of a softer, rubbery plastic that allows some movement but the figure looks better on it's base than any other pose I could give him. I do like the paper box accessories the zombie comes with as well as the removable eye glasses and tambourine (there's a definite lack of tambourine accessories in the action figure world) . All in all an excellent figure and one you should consider adding to your collection if you get a chance.

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