Saturday, June 23, 2012

Star Wars Storm Trooper 15 inch bootleg from Mexico

(Star Wars: Episode Dos, Attack of the Hombres)

Mexico; land of great food, awesome professional wrestling and highly sought after bootleg toys. Star Wars bootlegs range from very shoddy constructed hunks of plastic to really well made toys that rival what Hasbro makes. Often these figures are considerably bigger than the originals they are molded from or modeled after. In the toy world, bigger isn't always better. Bigger figures sometimes feel kind of plain due to lack of details or paint applications. This particular figure may be big, but it doesn't disappoint in any way. Bigger than any Storm Trooper that came before it, I give you the Taco Trooper.

(Carmen Miranda meets a galaxy far, far away)

I had heard of this particular bootleg several years ago when I started getting into Jumbo Machinders (Shogun Warriors). On several of the message boards, a well known collector and forum contributor posted pictures of the same bootleg I'm talking about today in it's original packaging (a cellophane baggie with a cardboard header, fairly traditional for Mexican bootlegs) standing next to a 3 ¾ inch Storm Trooper from the vintage Kenner line. I was dead set on finding and buying this bootleg but never found it. Years passed by and even though I placed the acquisition of this bootleg very high on my list of must haves, I had never come across one. In the time it took me to find this one piece I moved, got married, bought over 25 collections, four Jumbo Shogun Warriors, a Blue Snaggletooth, 3 Dinosaucers, 3 Tiger Sharks, a whole set of Bandai Tick figures on the card, a complete set of Dune figures and fleshed out my sofubi collection from one shelf to half my living room. The day I received this piece was definitely a day for celebration.

Standing a full 3 inches taller than the 12 inch Storm Trooper, this bootleg is automatically impressive. The plastic used is a little thinner than what you'd find used in a Jumbo Shogun Warrior with a very unfinished, raw texture. The white plastic is detailed with black paint, sloppily spray painted in the right spots. The only other notable thing about the figure is the scaled reproduction blaster that comes rubber banned to the leg. Back when this figure came out, toys like the Gentle Giant large scale Kenner repros were merely a dream and now they are a reality. Was this figure the inspiration for a bigger company to come out with a superior product or was it just a great toy that was forgotten before it's time? I'm rather fond of it and if you found yourself desiring one for your own collection, I wish you lots of luck.

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