Sunday, May 13, 2012

Icon series Captain America from Marvel Toys/Toy Biz

Who doesn't know the story of Captain America? To explain the back story on Cap who be like rehashing the Superman or Batman origin, basically useless filler. He's the most iconic hero of the Avengers and not much has changed about him over the years (well, except for that unfortunate “death of Captain America” story that led us all into a really convoluted and boring series of comics that turned the whole Marvel Universe upside down). The Ultimates story brought us a really more well equipped Captain America, a more detailed costume that showed off a better designed utility belt full of just about anything a super soldier could need while taking on a Nazi stronghold or just simply paying for a $8 cup of Starbucks coffee. Marvel Select and Marvel Legends (ToyBiz or Marvel Toys) gave us their interpretations of Ultimate Captain America, but the Marvel Legends Icons version tops them all.

(What do you think the "A" stands for, FRANCE?)

Over the years, Toy Biz's Marvel Legends gave the collecting world some of the best figures we had ever seen. Also, they dropped the ball several times but they had far more wins than losses if you ask almost any collector. I'm a sucker for large scale figures if they are done well and the Icons series was no exception. Exceptionally detailed and painted 2 up scale figures of all the Marvel heavy hitters really appealed to the collector in me. My favorite from the line was Captain America, even after I sold off all my Marvel Legends I kept him because I felt it was the only version that had actually captured the iconic Cap'n. In my opinion they captured every pen stroke of the Ultimates Captain America, from the wrinkles in his boots to his stone hard look of determination across his face. The also succeeded where the 6 inch line had failed in my opinion by re-enforcing the joints with a ratcheting system that held the figure's pose, even under it's own weight. No detail was left out of his utility belt and the face sculpt is so life-like I almost wait for him to yell “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” I consider him a treasured piece of my collection and a must have for any Captain America fan.

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  1. Captain America FTW!!!! Lol greetings from deadman133 =3