Thursday, March 15, 2012

South Park's Satan from Mezco

(I've decided to start this blog with Saddam stroking a rubber phallus, yes it is very necessary.) 

With South Park's many seasons, there are many memorable characters but almost none more memorable than Satan. We were introduced very early in the series to Jesus, who had given up on his pilgrimage to travel the world and free mankind of their sins and took a prime time slot on Park County Public Access and occasionally fight Santa Claus in an officially sanctioned boxing match for supremacy over the Christmas holidays. Satan on the other hand was introduced to us as lord of the underworld, master of all sinners and......subservient boyfriend to Saddam Hussein? BRILLIANT! I mean say what you will about Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but those men are geniuses. They honestly said that the show doesn't pull it's punches when it comes to religion, and that goes for all religions equally. Throughout the show's run (and might I add it's still running and just as funny as ever), Saddam and Satan have had their share of lover's quarrels eventually leading to the demise of Saddam. But it's OK, he suffers a fate worse than death......being dragged off by a group of rabbid Mormons.

(suck on that)

Mezco's line of South Park figures are great, but limited places to buy them leaves fans feeling left out. It's not till recent history that Toys R Us decided in a bold move to start carrying them in their physical stores, which has led Mezco to do a general re-issue of the line. The first thing to know is the figures aren't in any particular scale. Satan here stands roughly 6 inches tall at the top of the horns but then again so does most of the adult characters in the line ( ie- Chef, Mrs Cartman, Officer Barbrady). In the cartoon, Satan towers over every character and probably should have been a deluxe figure but I'm sure budget constraints as well as limited retail support led to the size problem I'm left with here. To be honest, Satan is the only figure I own from the South Park line and I wouldn't own it today if I hadn't seen it on the counter of a smoke shop at the flea market that was selling McFarlane Toys and other adult collectibles.

(Is it just me or does Satan has some big ol' John Goodman sized bitch tits? Just look at them, I dare you not to!)

The figure isn't bad at all outside of the size issue. The matte paint on the figure really harkens back to the construction paper style of the show. The dark lord is only articulated at a pivot joint at the shoulders which is fine since most visuals from the show are of him from the waist up. The sculpt of the figure is perfect, not a single flaw I can tell. The sculpt is identical to the visuals of the show. I'm not sure if Mezco is planning a re-issue of this figure at the moment, so I would suggest tracking it down on eBay or at your local collectible toy or comic book store if you're interested.

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